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Microblading is a semi-permanent make up method in the form of a hairline drawing of the eyebrows. It color pigments are worked in into the skin. This is done manually with a “microblade” (consisting of needles) in a handpiece, not a machine. With light pressure, the pigment is implanted. If you are very sensitive to pain, you feel a medium to strong unpleasant pulling, it is good to endure. These fine cuts or hairpin drawings can hardly be distinguished from the natural eyebrow hairs. The result is a so-called 3D technique that makes the result look very natural.

Microblading treatment lasts about 1-3 years, depending on the condition of the skin, skin type, metabolism and environmental factors. The durability depends on the given influences such as the customer’s proper aftercare care as well as the color intensity / color selection. After the treatment, the treated area will appear more intense, the result of the treatment will be visible only after complete healing, this will take about 3 weeks.

After treatment is not necessary and not included in the price. Since each person has a different metabolic process (including less durable in oily skin) this is not inclusive. Immediately after treatment, the pigmented areas are still slightly irritated (slight swelling or redness). This can last a maximum of 1-3 hours for a few days.

The home care instructions are to be followed exactly. There can be no guarantee for the success of the treatment. In order to avoid fading or unsatisfactory results, the following should be observed for 10 days after treatment:

  • No sunbathing, solarium, sauna, sports
  • Do not go over the pigmented area with oily products
  • Do not swim – avoid water contact with the areas still to be healed
  • By hand removing the pigment crust is absolutely forbidden.

By scrape off the scab, the pigment can be pulled out or even a micro scar arise on which further treatment is difficult.

The customer confirms that he has received our aftercare program and follows their instructions. The customer agrees with the treatment. The treatment is at your own risk.

Please note that the results may vary according to skin type and environmental factors. The HIBROWS team strives to achieve the best possible result. No identical results can be expected (like Instagram, Facebook etc.).

HIBROWS GmbH is not liable for deviating results.

The customer confirms with the signature that he agrees to these terms and conditions.


The total cost depending on the treatment booked is CHF 500.-  to CHF 850.-.
To book an appointment, a deposit of 20% of the respective treatment price is required.
This deposit will be charged with the treatment and will never be refunded.
The remaining amount to be paid for the booked treatment, you will settle on the day of your appointment.


The down payment of 20% for the treatment, we maintain to the respect of the artists to reserve the treatment and working time. If you do not take your appointment, this amount will be deducted for those circumstances. If you can not make your appointment, it is possible to postpone the appointment at least TWO days in advance. In this case, the down payment is transferred. In case of cancellation the deposit will not be refunded. Cancellations must be made by phone.

Slay My Day

This service includes the symmetrical dimension measuring of the eyebrows (manual and digital), plucking + cutting. To complete the flawlessness is additionally perfected with a lasting make-up. Tell the artist if you want a subtle or more intensive correction.

Make-up is part of the service to make your eyebrows flawlessly perfect. SLAY MY DAY is a service that just keeps going through make-up. The permanent solution is Microblading. The form adapted to the customer is preserved until the next generation of hair. For a long preservation of the shape, a regular refresher is recommended with our mini services (plucking, cutting etc.) about every 3-4 weeks. If you naturally have two different types of eyebrows, Make up has two options: to correct the thinner / deeper to the thicker or to pluck the thicker / taller ones narrower. By aiming to maintain the natural eyebrows, gaps tend to be filled rather than plucked. This correction disappears with the fading of the make-up.

We as artists strive to get the best out of your eyebrows. We can not change the natural eyebrow shape too much. It should still look symmetrical and beautiful with the different make-up. With Microblading a stronger correction is possible, the correction thus acts more natural than with the pen and is longer lasting.

As with Microblading, it is impossible to be exactly the same because it is handcrafted and each hair is drawn one at a time. Our SLAY MY DAY treatment lasts at least 1-3 days with Make Up. The shape is retained until the hair regrows (about 3-4 weeks).


There can be no guarantee for the success of the treatments. The customer confirms that he has received our explanation and agrees with the treatment. Treatment is at your own risk. Knowledge about allergies must be communicated. Please note that the results may vary according to skin type and environmental factors. The HIBROWS team strives to achieve the best possible result. No identical results can be expected (see Instagram, Facebook, etc.). HIBROWS GmbH is not liable for any deviating results.

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